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ADAS Windscreen Calibration

ADAS solutions

Does your vehicle have an Advanced Driver Assistance System? If yes, then after a glass replacement, it is vital that you get a calibration done to ensure it is working efficiently according to its purpose.

If an Advanced Driver Assistance System isn’t properly installed and calibrated after a glass replacement, it wouldn’t easily show signs of malfunction until you have already had an accident.

Fortunately, A1 Windscreens has invested in Advanced Driver Assistance System recalibration technology, enabling us to provide recalibration services post a replacement.

What is Advanced Driver Assistance System Calibration?

An Advanced Driver Assistance System is a system created that provides safety features to ensure the driver’s safety while driving on the road. It is designed for preventing accidents by offering camera images, showing alerts, and taking over control of the vehicle automatically and instantly if needed.

Advanced Driver Assistance System depends on sensors and cameras mounted against the glass to work efficiently. Therefore, if you get your glass replaced, you would need to mount the camera back onto the new one and get it calibrated for it to work perfectly as intended.

If you are looking for a glass replacement and ADAS calibration expert in Australia, then contact our skilled technicians at A1 Windscreens, today!

ADAS Technology

Advanced Driver Assistance technology involves Intelligent Speed Adaption (ISA), Traffic Message Channel (TMC), Vehicular Communication Systems and other technologies to offer various features. It provides various safety features like:

adas windscreen calibration
  • Lane departure warning
  • Remote active park assists
  • Traffic sign recognition
  • Cross-traffic detection
  • Adaptive cruise control
  • Autonomous emergency braking
  • Blind spot detection
  • Lane keeps assistance
  • Adaptive lighting
  • Night vision cameras
  • Pedestrian detection
  • Surround-view
  • Electric vehicle warning
  • Hill descent control
  • And driver status monitor

Rise of ADAS

As most of you may agree, you can’t put a price on a person’s life and safety. Although earlier people were driving around safely on the road without ADAS installed in their vehicle, you can’t really compare it to driving on the road in today’s time. With the number of car accidents and collisions increasing day by day and the invention of new advanced technologies, the importance of the Advanced Driver Assistance continues to increase.

Even though there are only a few cars that have Advanced Driver Assistance System installation today, in the coming years, almost every car and vehicle would have Advanced Driver Assistance System installations. Due to the plethora of benefits and safety features that the Advanced Driver Assistance System provides, it is preferred by many car owners and manufacturers.

According to car manufacturers, you should recalibrate your ADAS in the below-mentioned scenarios:

  • Collision
  • Glass replacement
  • ADAS lights are flashing or on
  • Tire replacement or change in ride height

A1 Windscreen Advanced Driver Assistance System Recalibration Process

A1 Windscreens follow a 7-step calibration process, they are –

  • Step 1: A pre-calibration scan – during this step, your vehicle is completely scanned to identify any nonrelevant and active fault codes.
  • Step 2: An alignment check - this isn’t mandatory, however, if needed, your car will have a complete 4-wheel alignment diagnosis to check for any misalignment.
  • Step 3: Recalibration – once the car is aligned, the lidars, radars and cameras are calibrated.
  • Step 4: A post-calibration scan – this is to ensure the car was calibrated successfully and efficiently.
  • Step 5: A road test – your calibrated vehicle is tested on the road to ensure the Advanced Driver Assistance System is operating efficiently and to scan for nonconformities.
  • Step 6: A final check – is conducted to ensure that no faulty codes were activated during or after the road test.
  • Step 7: A comprehensive report – this and a certificate of calibration are provided after the vehicle has been calibrated.

Advanced Driver Assistance System Calibration - Hella Guttman System

As more and more vehicles begin to opt for ADAS installations, it is vital for repair companies to have a flexible and reliable recalibration system in place that covers all relevant models and makes of vehicles. Hella Guttman has produced such a system with the core CSC – Tools and has further improved the system with the CSC – Tools SE.

The CSC – Tools Mobile is a mobile calibration system that enables vehicle glass repair services, mobile roadside assistance, and service providers for businesses with various associated workshops and transport fleets. The precision it provides is similar to the stationary device.

How does ADAS Calibration - Hella Guttman System Works?

With several enhancements made frequently, it enables a smooth recalibration of not only the most basic radar and camera systems in the rear, front and side of the car but also a recalibration of complicated elements including modern laser scanners found in the new models of Audi. This ensures maximum road safety for clients.

Key Features of the Hella Guttman System ADAS Calibration

  • Easy and precise: In the CSC – Tools, there is a new optional module known as the wheel clamp modules that have green line lasers, enabling precise and quick positioning of the CSC – Tools SE in front of the car.
  • Complete overview: The Rear Cam Kits I + II combined with the mega mac software allows the exact rear-view camera and 360-degree vision camera recalibration.
  • Extremely Flexible: Radar system calibration is mandatory for almost any type of work done on the car such as changes to the wheel chamber, accident repairs, or chassis components installations. The Radar Kit I EVO enables you to calibrate all radar sensors regardless of the height, giving the CSC – Tools Mobile and CSC – Tools SE the required flexibility.

Why Choose A1 Windscreens?

We are dedicated to ensuring driver safety and providing top quality recalibration along with other windscreen services. At A1 Windscreens, we understand just how vital and useful Advanced Driver Assistance System is in enhancing safety and making it easier to drive for car drivers all around the globe.

Therefore, we ensure that all our clients who come in for replacements also have the option of getting their car’s ADAS recalibrated, by investing in the best ADAS technology and machinery. This allows us to be a one-stop hub in Australia, for all your glass needs, right from repair, replacement and tinting services to Advanced Driver Assistance System calibration.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Q. Does A1 Windscreens offer Advanced Driver Assistance System recalibration?

    Yes! With the aim of being a one-stop hub for all windscreen needs, we do offer Advanced Driver Assistance System recalibration services for all our clients that come in for windscreen replacements and those that suspect a faulty ADAS and require recalibration.

  • Q. How long does it take to calibrate the Advanced Driver Assistance System?

    If and after you have replaced your glass, it should take approximately an hour maximum to conduct an ADAS recalibration service.

  • Q. What does this have to do with me replacing my windscreen?

    The sensor and camera devices and technologies in the ADAS are mounted against or behind your windscreen. Therefore, when you replace your windscreen, it could cause your ADAS to malfunction. Therefore, it is essential to recalibrate your ADAS after you have replaced your glass.

  • Q. How much does Advanced Driver Assistance System recalibration cost?

    The cost of an ADAS recalibration would depend on various factors such as if you have insurance coverage and the model and make of your vehicle.

  • Q. Where can I find Advanced Driver Assistance System recalibration services?

    A1 Windscreens is an Australian-based company with outlets in Hallam and Pakenham. Based on where you stay, you can go to the closest A1 Windscreen outlet to get an Advanced Driver Assistance System recalibration service done for your vehicle.



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