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Windscreen Rubber Seal Repair & Replacement

Windscreen Rubber Seal Repair

Windscreen rubber seal deterioration or damage is a situation you are bound to face at some point or the other. Factors like harsh UV rays of the sun, weather elements, or maybe even prolonged usage can wear out the rubber of your car's windscreen.

Any technician will advise you to have it checked for repair or replacement at the earliest to avoid further damage because the rubber seal plays a critical role in keeping the windscreen securely in place and maintaining the support it offers your car's structure.

If they update you on its condition during regular maintenance services, it is best that you give the go-ahead as soon as possible.

At A1 windscreens, we believe in helping you make the best decision for your vehicle's lifespan by giving you all the information you need on the process.

The Different Types of Sealants

Broadly speaking there are silicone adhesives and other levels of adhesives in terms of quality. Due to Australia's unpredictable weather conditions, we don't endorse silicone adhesive. This is mainly because it expands and contracts as per the weather conditions, which makes it dangerous in the case of windscreens.

Knowing it affects the safety of you and your loved ones, you obviously want a sealant that enables a firm holding of the rubber seal. Alternatively, there are other grades of adhesives available in the market.

However, the one our technicians prefer is the grade A adhesive. Most importantly, whatever adhesive you go ahead with, we strongly advise that it is allowed to completely dry up before you start using the vehicle again.

How We Reseal your Windscreen Rubber?

Windscreen Rubber Seal Replacement

  • Windscreen Removal:

    We begin with an examination of the windscreen to check for damages. If undamaged we attempt removal to save you the cost of complete replacement. This is also a good time for you to get a diagnosis of the glass's condition.

  • Cleaning of glass & vehicle:

    Post removal, both vehicle and the glass are thoroughly cleaned to remove residue of the previous rubber seal and any debris. This allows better application and a clean base for the new adhesive to be fixed.

  • New Sealant Application:

    Our technicians make use of the necessary equipment and products to ensure the surface is cleaned out and primed before the application of a Grade A adhesive.

  • Windscreen Refitting:

    After being allowed to dry out as per the instructions, the windscreen is then carefully secured back into the rubber seal. Our professionals carry out a quality check to ensure there are no gaps or an issue of loose-fitting.

How To Analyse If The Rubber Seal Is Broken OR Wearing Away?

Here's a quick list of red flags for you, if you suspect your windscreen's rubber seal is giving way:

  • Water leaking in during a car wash or rain
  • A whistling sound while driving
  • Cracks or brittle spots visible on the rubber
  • The bond appears to be peeling off
  • Rust on the areas surrounding the seal
  • The rubber seems to move and is elevated

If you spot any of the above signs or maybe haven't had the rubber seal changed in years, you should have a professional examine the vehicle. This small precautionary measure could save you the hit of paying for windscreen repair or complete replacement.

Repair? Replacement? What Does The Seal Need?

If you can see the rubber seal appears to be worn out, it will need replacement. Analysing the resilience and durability of your existing rubber seal is a job best carried out at the hands of a licensed professional. You can rest assured of a diagnosis at the hands of our certified and reliable technicians.

Can I Repair the Windscreen Seal Myself?

While you certainly will find videos and information online to execute services yourself, we strongly advise against it. This is because even minor things affect the result, compromising the safety and resulting in a hazardous situation. These minor things could be:

  • Attempting the job at the wrong temperature.
  • Not cleaning the surface effectively before applying the adhesive.
  • Even not allowing it to dry before the windscreen is secured back in the rubber.

Melbourne's Best Windscreen Rubber Re-Sealer

At A1 Windscreens, every one of our technicians is committed to offering you premium advice, services, and solutions that keep your budget in mind.

Our services are tailored to suit your needs and our technicians ensure that the job is executed to perfection. Step in today for a consultation with one of Melbourne's finest professional services for rubber seal repair and replacement.

Client Testimonial


They were great, car was fixed in a timely manner and great price. They were kind and helpful and even though my window was smashed in multiple parts they vacuumed up the mess and apologised for not being able to do a better job at the cleaning when it was perfect. Thanks for the great service and even better price. Will be back.

- Amanda King



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