How to Check a Windscreen?

How to Check a Windscreen?
Posted by Darren Pay on May 26, 2017

The windscreen is a major component of any motor vehicle. It acts as a protector for any passenger that is in that motor vehicle. It acts as a weather shield and a safety device in case of an accident. Studies have shown that windscreens make a car safer during an accident and prevent as much damage as possible to its passengers.

This makes it a valuable asset for your vehicle. We have to ensure that there is no problem with it. If you have a new windscreen installed or an accident seemed to have loosened it up a bit, it will give out signs. This will need to be looked at immediately.

A loose and unsteady windscreen glass will not protect you in the slightest. Ensure that you go to a professional to have it changed. But there are a few signs that will indicate if the windscreen is loose or not that do not require a professional.


When you're driving you start to hear a slight rattling. That could definitely be the windscreen. It could even start bouncing and this happens most when you go over a pot hole or a speed breaker. Usually rattling can be due to the fact that it has not stuck on well and the adhesive is not holding it together properly. Another can be if it is not the right one required for your car. If you see that your windscreen is rattling or bouncing you need to get it repaired as soon as possible.


Does your windscreen look a little off? Like it is probably supposed to look like it was placed on correctly? Yes, that is another sign that it needs a check-up. If it looks crooked means that it either shifted while you were driving or it was placed wrong. The alignment has to match the frame or it will look crooked. Best it to get it checked by a professional.

Old Adhesive

The area around the frame has an adhesive that is used to stick the windscreen glass to the car. That adhesive if not taken off correctly can cause space cracks when the new windscreen is stuck on.

Installer didn't Wear Gloves

The oils from the technician's hands can be a hindrance to correct installation. And to ensure that the glass is stuck on well clean gloves are used every single time.

Don't Drive Immediately

Driving your car immediately after installation can also cause it to come loose. Even though it takes an hour to properly install a windscreen, it takes at least eight hours to get harden. The slightest bump in the road can shift its placement. Patience is the key to setting your windscreen.

Leaks in the Adhesive

When the windscreen is being installed, the adhesive that is used can sometimes form air pockets when it dries. This can cause leaks that you may not necessarily notice. But if you drive in harsh weather too much you will definitely notice. One way to check if you have leaks is to wash your car and see where the water seeps through and then take your car to a technician.


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