How to Protect Your Newly Replaced Windscreen?

How to Protect Your Newly Replaced Windscreen?
Posted by Darren Pay on May 23, 2018

Picture this - due to unforeseen circumstances, a flying piece of debris hit your windscreen and then developed a major crack. For no fault of yours, you had to incur the cost of having the windscreen repaired or a new one installed.

How did you feel when your otherwise perfect vehicle suffered a damage that became more than just an eye-sore? The blow to your pocket too must have left you unhappy. Well, this scenario occurs with more people than you realise.

Windscreen repair or installation of a new one is one car service you don't want to have to say yes to. Anyway, the point is, once you have already had to go through with it, how do you take it from there? Because really the last thing you want is that too getting damaged or discovering it wasn't installed correctly.

We give you a step-by-step run through of how to go about with a car that has had its windscreen newly serviced.

  • Check the New Installation:

    It is highly recommended that you have a reputed professional in Melbourne, Australia carry out the replacement. However, it is always wise to check for yourself, how well the job has been done. Rely on your own inspection skills to avoid unnecessary expenses in the future.

    Check windscreen for bubbles or gaps. You may even want to consider taking it for a test drive to be completely sure that no air noise is being formed.

  • Organize and collect all your Warranty Paperwork

    Now the technicians will handover bills, receipts and any warranty paperwork, but do ensure that you have met all the requirements.

    If you have not already purchased insurance, now would be a good time to do so. Remember to ask what problems are covered under the warranty and how you should go about with things in case you discover you have a problem with the installation.

  • Go Easy During the First 24 Hours:

    The first 24 hours are extremely critical for your car. It is best that you avoid stepping out during this crucial period. Obviously, you will want to avoid a mishap at any cost, right? The initial 24 hours are a fragile time for newly installed windscreen glass, making it more prone to breakage if you treat the vehicle roughly and slam doors. Letting it sit and seal during this time helps it sustain in the long run.

  • Stay Clear of Scheduling Any Car Washes:

    In case you're feeling like sending your vehicle for a wash to have it look squeaky clean, please stop right there. This is perhaps the most destructive decision you could take.

    Any detergents and cleaning materials that come in contact with the windscreen during the first 3 days can land up damaging the seal and the special tape used during installation.

  • Stay Clear of Construction Areas:

    You can't do much about unforeseen circumstances but you can avoid places undergoing construction or accident zones. Since these are prone to flying debris or loose gravel and rocks, it is best you use alternative routes instead, to avoid damaging the new installation.

    The first 3 days are extremely important in defining the longevity of the replaced windscreen and so it is best you use the car with utmost care and only if you must.

    This will help secure the efforts you have taken to fix the glass.

In need of a reputed windscreen replacement service? Do remember to do a web-check and seek out recommendations before you hand your car over to anyone.


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