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Bus Windscreen Replacement

Bus Windscreen Replacement

A1 Windscreens is a preferred supplier and after-sales bus windscreen and glass replacement company for Volgren Coach Builders and has been over 10 years now.

We also service many other companies such as Ventura bus lines and Cranbourne transit, Westernport, Invicta, Cardinia transit.

We know the importance of keeping their vehicles on the road with minimal downtime, fast glass service that is done right the first time, is what they require from us.

We can handle all types of bus's School, coach, mini, route, RV, etc. We can source every type of windscreen, whether it's flat glass or curved, any model or make, with our experienced installers we can supply and fit it correctly with no leaks! Side Saloon windows and rear glass replacement, if we can't find a local supplier we can make it up ourselves to keep you on the road fast.

RV builders often require windows we can cut outside panels, and fit customise sliding or fixed windows to suit your requirements.

We also handle bus refurbs, if you need all or some of the windows removed and then refitted at a later date, we are the company to do it.

We specialise in large windscreen and glasswork, we have two factories, 1 in Hallam and 1 in Pakenham both can easily fit full-size coaches in our workshop we can store your vehicle overnight or as long as the job takes.

If you require a windscreen or side window replaced on-site at your premises, we also have large fitting windscreen Vans set up to handle bus and coachwork.

Other services that we offer for Windscreens are stone chip repairs, Window tint, safety film or graffiti film fitment we can do it all in our workshop or on-site.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Q. Can My Bus Windscreen Damage be Repaired?

    Depending on the condition and intensity of the damage, our certified technician will advise you on what service to opt for. If you have a chip and if it fits the chip requirements for repairs, then it can be repaired. However, if the intensity of the chip is high, then it would be best to get a replacement service.

  • Q. When should I have My bus Windscreen Replaced?

    When it comes to solving any vehicle-related issues, the sooner the better! It is best if you consult a professional as soon as you notice a chip or crack on your bus windscreen, this is because based on the condition of your glass, the technician will advise you to get it repaired or replaced. However, if a replacement is suggested, it would be advisable to get it done as soon as possible.

  • Q. How Long does a Bus Windscreen Replacement Take?

    A replacement service takes about 90 minutes if your vehicle is ready and available on-spot to conduct the service. 20 minutes after the replacement service, you can get back on the road and carry on your journey.

  • Q. How much is a Bus Windscreen Repair and Replacement at A1 Windscreens?

    The cost of the service varies based on the make and model of the vehicle as well as if you have insurance. To receive a free quote, you can contact us to know more.

Client Testimonial


Great job, worth the 1hr trip from the highpoint. Best price and good advice for our Elgrand.

- Francesco Fedele

Really helpful and absolutely friendly guy at Hallam. He didn't know whether he was going to get my job which was a hard to source cargo window for my old X Trail. He checked his contacts and came back with nothing. So he gave a range of tips about wreckers and a good price range to expect as reasonable to pick one up second hand. Got it and eventually was able to do it on the spot at the Pakenham branch. Really pleased. Thanks.

- Joe Moore



  • Family-owned, owner-operated business
  • Customer-First approach
  • Quality workmanship
  • 30 years experience
  • "Fast Glass" service
  • After-hours service available
  • Seniors card available
  • Affordable Pricing