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Marine Glass Replacement

Marine Glass Replacement

A1 Windscreens has 20 years of experience with the Marine industry. During these years we have worked with Marine boat builders like Hart Marine who specialise in building pilot boats as well as home boat builders re-building their dream yacht or powerboat.

We supply and install custom glass suited to every need. Alongside we also offer other marine industry services like removal and refitting of Windows or Windscreens, Window Tinting, Reseals.

Many opt for Sikaflex to directly glaze the windscreens or glass to the boat aperture or window frame. If you too plan to adopt this popular method, we are happy to advise the best way to go about this type of glass installation early on in the build or re-ferb.

Services We Offer

  • Glass Scratch and Chip Repair:

    Scratches and chips on windows and portholes are a common issue that crop up for many boat/yacht owners. Flying debris at the time of pulling in to the docks, unsteady passengers who might bump into the glass, gear that might get tossed around, or even when your boat/yacht is stationary at the docks – abrasions and damages could occur at any point.

    When not tended to immediately not only does it cause distortions on the glass but grime could get settled and baked in with the heat. This is more than a case of compromised aesthetics and actually lowers the value of your boat or yacht. At A1 Windscreens, we specialize in fixing glass scratches and chip repair, to ensure your investment is protected and in perfect shape.

  • Leaking Windows Resealed

    Leaking windows are undoubtedly a safety breach and a damage magnet. Along with running a risk if you happen to be in bad weather, you could also land up with damaged interiors and a bigger blow to your pocket. A quick consultation with our experts can remedy your problem of leaking windows.

  • Marine and Boat Window Glass Repair, Replacement, and Installs

    Windows are a critical part of boats, yachts, and marine vessels. Naturally minor repairs or major services like replacement and installation need to be carried out at the hands of experts you can trust.

    With 20 years of experience, you can bank on our acute understanding of your requirement and coming up with a reliable solution for window glass repair, replacement, and installation.

  • Fixed Windows

    Along with brilliant functionality, fixed windows are suitable for any and every boat, yacht or vessel. Whether you have a mid-sized/heavy marine vessel or even a workboat, we understand the benefits of fixed windows and are happy to introduce you to them.

Marine & Boat Window Replacement Vs. Repair

Marine Glass

Discerning the need for replacement over repair (and vice versa) is tricky. Moreover, attempting to solve the problem is dangerous and might even worsen the issue.

When the repair, replacement, or installation is executed at the hand of experts it increases the lifespan of your boat, yacht, or vessel, a benefit you naturally want. If you’re confused about whether you need an expert opinion, keep a watch for these signs.

Speak to Our Technicians if:

  • You have a broken window/windscreen.
  • Your windows are set in black aluminium frames. These tend to crack with heat and need regular checking/maintenance.
  • Your window frame and fiberglass are held together by a seal. If broken it needs to be fixed by an expert
  • Your windows are jammed or do not open and slide smoothly.

The Benefits of a Marine Glass Replacement and Repair from A1 Windscreens

  • Excellent Optical Quality

    Created with the strength of layers for a robust structure, our marine glass options offer excellent clarity that does complete justice to the natural light and all the sights you can enjoy.

  • Use Materials with Integrity

    The marine glass we offer is built to enhance the aesthetic value of your boat or yacht. Along with complementing the overall structure, it also enhances the appearance of interiors or any other unique artwork you have setup.

  • Decreased UV Rays

    UV rays not only disrupt your comfort but can also affect and dull the appearance of your interiors. To combat this problem, you can speak to our technicians to equip your boat or yacht with tinted or laminated glass that assures UV blocking.

  • Strengthened Structure

    You want the rest of your yacht or boat to have a sturdy build that can endure whatever the weather throws at it. However, it is not just the metal parts. The glass windows and windscreen need to be just as robust. In order to strengthen the overall structure, we give you the option to customise the glass with an interlayer so that it contributes to the overall strength.

Speak to Our Marine Glass Specialists

Marine Glass Repair

Your boat, yacht, or marine vessel is more than an investment you take pride in. It is an asset and you need technicians to understand that sentiment in a way where the service is premium but the cost is not.

At A1 windscreens, every one of our technicians is certified, committed to quality service, and cares for your investment the way you do.

We guarantee you will walk away convinced that we are your marine glass service partners.

Client Testimonial


Nick from A1 Windscreens came down on the same day that I called to book in, and repaired the chip in my windscreen within 15-20 minutes, whilst I was at work. Great service. Would recommend. Thanks.

- Lucy Randese

Very courtious and professional with service and quality of workmanship would recommend to anyone.

- Tony Fogarty



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