5 Ways to Take Care of Your Windscreen

5 Ways to Take Care of Your Windscreen
Posted by Darren Pay on Feb 07, 2017

After your home your vehicle in your most prized possession that you invest in and regular maintenance is the key to the well functioning of your vehicle. Making sure that your vehicle is in good condition helps promote the safety of those travelling in it.

While speaking of maintenance of one's vehicle the first thought to mind is that of servicing, however regular maintenance consists of more than just servicing. It is quite surprising how many people actually neglect their windscreen during the maintenance of their vehicle.

Every driver sees the road through their windscreen and their driving is directly based on their vision, an unclear vision affects the ability to drive safely. The state and clarity of a windscreen plays a major role in the safety of the driver and those around.

You might be amazed at the number of people that drive with a chipped windscreen, places that include gravel roads or rough terrains have a higher number of vehicles with chipped or cracked windscreens.

Taking care of your windscreen isn't as tedious as it seems. As a matter of fact it can be quite simple if these steps are followed.

  • The first protocol would be to act promptly in repairing a chipped windscreen as soon as you notice the chipping of your windscreen. This will help prevent the damage from spreading and becoming bigger.
  • It is a good thumb rule to clean your windscreen every day. Quickly wiping the screen will not only leave it crystal clear but also help maintain it by taking out a minute or two each day to wipe it. Cleaning your windscreen would require a spray product specially created for glass to remove tough stains. A cheaper option that substitutes that can be of a scrubbing brush and ample of water to give it a quick wash.
  • The interior if the windscreen is equally important as the exterior and needs to be wiped at least once in a week. The interior of your windscreen is often neglected and the smears and grease build up lead to tough stains when not cleaned frequently. This affects the clarity of you windscreen. Though you might be tempted to neglect your interior of your windscreens, not doing so will leave you thankful in the long run and maybe while you are at it quickly wiping the windows could prove useful too.
  • Another common mistake made is neglecting the back windscreen while only cleaning the front. Though it might not seem important the back is equally important as the front and can affect your driving ability equally.
  • For those that own tinted glass, you might want to use a mild detergent and follow the rules provided by the manufacturer to avoid ruining your tinting. If you do not abide by the highlighted instructions provided to you, you might need to pay to fix the damage as your guarantee will not cover it.
  • Though you might dislike it, slowing down while driving past a delivery truck or lorry can help you avoid the flying debris that chip your windscreen.
  • Another time to slow down would be when a road has been recently surfaced. This helps you make sure there isn’t any gravel damaging your windscreen by hitting it.

In the beginning taking care of your windscreen or cleaning it on a regular basis can seem quite monotonous just like when you first start a diet or working out; however as the time passes the habit of doing so sets in making the task less humdrum and you will begin to delight in seeing your vehicle sparkly. In spite of the cost effective windscreen repair options by several companies, it would be better not to have to pay for any kind of windscreen work in your next vehicle servicing.

The Rookie's Manual to Fixing a Windscreen:

It is always best to fix a chipping before you need to replace the entire windscreen on a whole. Most companies will provide you with the luxury of coming to you to inspect and fix your vehicle's windscreen.

Here are the Steps They will Take After Doing so.

  • Firstly they will clean the chip and the area surrounding it to remove any residue from the damage and make sure it is perfectly clean.
  • They will use special equipment to insert resin into the damaged area.
  • Finally they will treat the resin with a UV lamp

The usual time taken for chip repair is around 30 minutes and is best performed in dry weather. It is possible to repair a chip in rainy conditions with a canopy that extends from the repair van however the procedure will last longer due to the moisture in the air. You can drive your vehicle immediately as the repair is finished.

Noticing a chip isn't always easy which usually is the cause for a cracked windscreen is in the future as the damage tends to spread and worsen and turns into a cracked windscreen up on strong impact.

If your find yourself in such a situation, it would be wise to repair your windscreen as soon as possible to avoid putting any of the passengers in harm's way. Do not try to replace a cracked windscreen by yourself as it is never advised to experiment with grass. Leave the repairing to an experienced professional.

The Steps Followed by the Professional would be as Follows

  • Analysing the vehicle before having the glass removed to make sure the body of your vehicle is protected.
  • Applying a bonding agent to fix your new windscreen firmly in place.
  • Fitting the windscreen replacement.
  • Cleaning away any residue that may have collected.

With this article fixing or replacing a windscreen should not be as stressing as it seems. A professional service helps you have the most effortless and ideal windscreen repairing and windscreen replacements at a budget friendly price. Our trained experts are skilled in providing you with the best service for your vehicles windscreen.


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