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Anti-Graffiti & Safety Window Film

Anti-Graffiti film when applied to glass is transparent plastic layer that cannot be seen by the naked eye, it acts as a barrier to protect the glass against damage from spray paint and scratching from vandals.

When the film becomes to damaged it is easy to peel off and replace leaving the original glass looking new again, which works out to be a lot economical than replacing glass.

We install Anti-graffiti film on windows in Trains, Buses and Trams including shop front windows, where ever the glass needs protection from vandalism, such as spray painting and scratching, when the film is damaged from these actions, it is easy to replace the film leaving the expensive glass undamaged and clear again.

Safety film when installed on the other hand, still protects the window or glass from Vandalism damage, but because the adhesive which holds the film to the glass is a lot stronger it also strengthens the glass in case of breakage from Dangerous flying debris, the film holds the glass together and minimising the risk of injury to passengers and drivers, it is slightly more expensive to replace because it takes more time to remove from the window when it has been damaged because of the adhesive.

We can install Graffiti and safety film onsite, some of our customers include Yarra trams, Bombardier, and Volgren bus builders.

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Great service, friendly staff and amazing price. Had all me cars done here over years and never had any problems!

- Jack Squizzy

Seriously good seamless service. They certainly stand by their name. The technician who came on site was one of the funniest people I've ever met. Had me in fits. Just made the excellent service all the better.

- Helen Copeman



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