Storm Preventative Measures to Avoid Hail Damage

Storm Preventative Measures to Avoid Hail Damage
Posted by Darren Pay on Feb 11, 2022

Unpredictable weather change has become a common problem occurring frequently in Australia and around the world. Although hail storms might seem less problematic due to their short duration, they are very capable of causing significant havoc to you and your vehicle within that short span of time.

Since we have no control over the weather, the only thing we can do to protect ourselves and our vehicles from hail destruction is by following adequate preventative measure such as:

  • Do Not Drive During a Hail Storm:

    It may seem obvious but it is best to avoid driving during a hail storm. Since your vehicle is completely exposed in a hail storm, it is bound to face a lot of external destruction that could weaken the structure of your vehicle and windscreen. Therefore, during a hail storm, before getting on the road to reach your desired destination, you should consider if it is really worth risking your safety.

    Besides damaging the exteriors of your vehicle and putting you at risk, it also makes it challenging to see clearly while driving in a hail storm. If you are unable to see clearly, it could result in an accident.

    Additionally, it causes windscreen destruction. While your windscreen is meant to protect you from flying dirt and debris, hail destruction could weaken its structural integrity and prevent it from doing so.

    Therefore, if it is possible for you to avoid driving during such severe weather condition, then you definitely should stay indoors. If you are faced with an unpredicted hail storm, your best option would be to find immediate shelter underground until the storm has settled and it is safe to go outside.

    Keep your safety as top priority. You might be delayed for your meeting but would be saving on a lot of car and windscreen repair costs and medical bills.

  • Purchase and Use a Vehicle Cover:

    Vehicle CoverAlthough a vehicle cover doesn't provide 100% protection from hail storms, it does help reduce hail destruction as it serves as a barrier that reduces the direct impact on your vehicle and windscreen. Therefore, a vehicle cover is also an essential item to prevent hail destruction.

    There are various kinds of vehicle covers available in the market. Depending on the type of vehicle cover you pick for your vehicle, the protection it provides would vary too. Thicker padding vehicle covers offer more protection. Therefore, if your region often faces heavy hail storms, you should consider investing in a thick padding vehicle cover to protect it from debris and massive hail stones.

    Before you invest in a thick padded cover, it is essential to consider a few things:

    • Ensure it fits your vehicle accurately and all the straps work fine
    • Consider how much storage space it would require since it is thickly padded
    • Acquaint yourself with the cover and how to put it on efficiently as you won't have the time to do so later during a hail storm.
  • Always Park Your Vehicle Undercover:

    Car ParkingParking your vehicle undercover is another way to prevent hail destruction. If the forecast signals a potential storm, you should avoid parking your vehicle out in the open.

    We understand that finding the perfect covered parking spot is rare especially if you are in an unfamiliar place. However, rather than leaving your car parked out in the open, it is best to park it undercover to prevent it from destruction caused by broken branches, hail storms, and more.

    If you are unable to find a covered parking spot, you should look for nearby paid parking options. It would cost lesser than a damage repair service and give you peace of mind.

    However, if you are visiting a location where you doubt proper undercover parking or paid parking options would be available. It would be best to leave your car parked safely at home instead and opt for public transportation.

  • Get Early Warning Alerts:

    Downloading weather forecast apps, signing up for early warning alerts and checking the weather forecasts before leaving the house are all helpful ways to avoid getting caught in a potential hail storm.

  • Maintain Your Surroundings:

    Hail storms are often unpredictable and are known to cause a lot of damage to everything in its path. It is possible that your car might be parked out in the open during an unpredictable hail storm. While a car cover can provide a bit of protection it doesn't guarantee that there won't be any damage at all.

    Therefore, to ensure there is as minimal damage as possible, you should make sure that the surroundings of your parking spot is clear from any potential threats such as debris, loose items, branches, etc. If you are unsure about a parking location, try and park your car elsewhere with less potential threats.

  • Repair the Damage as Early as Possible:

    Hail DamageYou should always keep an eye out for any sudden weather changes or alerts and follow the prevention methods mentioned above.

    However, if it ever starts to hail while you are out laying the covers on your car, you should leave it as it is and run for shelter.

    Your top priority should be protecting yourself as you can always fix the damage done to your car later.

It is vital that you fix any windscreen damage caused by hail storms as soon as possible to prevent it from further damage and from having to replace it completely that would result in added expenses and be more time-consuming.

A1 Windscreens offers a variety of windscreen services from repairs and replacement to tinting services all at cost-efficient prices to get you up and on the road as soon as possible. If you are looking for a reputable windscreen company to repair hail damage, contact our experts at A1 Windscreen today!


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